Faith Sharing Groups

Developing a Faith-Sharing Group.

Another way to proceed with your Life after the Exercises might be to participate in a faith-sharing group. 

Perhaps you feel drawn to developing another small group with some of your fellow retreatants. If you are also open to including retreatants from other RIDL Retreat years (we have over 120 alums now), please let Dick Kirk know and he can provide a list.

This is not as daunting a task as it might first seem. There does not need to be much formality about this. It can be simply a gathering of Friends of the Lord to share their faith journey moments. This is just what we have been doing on Tuesdays for 30 weeks, taking an hour to consider together how we are aware of the movement of God in our lives. Your faith sharing can be as simple, or as planned, as you desire. Opening with a simple prayer or song, follow by sharing, may be sufficient. Additional discussion topics could be added to broaden the program.


There are other sources of exercises that can be used in connection with this faith sharing. One is a book “An Ignatian Introduction to Prayer” by Timothy Gallagher, O.V.M..This book includes 40 suggested Scripture readings, each with a guided mediation and questions for reflection and sharing. 

Another book, more focused on the dynamics of the Spiritual Exercises, is "Inner Compass" by Margaret Silf.